Photo by Kimberly Kunda


Author • Physician • Scientist

Vikram Paralkar was born and raised in Mumbai. He is a physician-scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, where he treats patients with leukemia and researches the disease.

He is the author of Night Theater (Catapult, United States; Serpent’s Tail, United Kingdom; Harper Collins, India), which TIME Magazine lists as one of “12 New Books You Should Read in January 2020.”

His first book, The Afflictions, was published in four languages – English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian – by Lanternfish Press (United States), Harper Collins (India), La Bestia Equilátera (Argentina), Romanzo Bompiani (Italy), and Mann, Ivanov and Ferber (Russia, forthcoming).

Paralkar is represented by Matt Turner at the Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd Literary Agency.