TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine lists Vikram Paralkar’s Night Theater as one of the “12 New Books You Should Read in January 2020

Indie Next Great Reads

Night Theater by Vikram Paralkar featured in the “20 Indie Next Great Reads” in January 2020 by the American Booksellers Association.

WHYY NPR Radio Interview

Peter Crimmins of WHYY NPR’s “The Pulse” interviewed Vikram Paralkar about The Afflictions, a fictional encyclopedia of imaginary diseases.


These Are Our Most Highly Anticipated Books Of 2020.” Tomi Obaro writes, Vikram Paralkar’s Night Theater is “a profound conversation about the meaning of life and death.”

Syfy Wire

“Eight SFF books to pick up this January 2020”. Swapna Krishna writes, “the surgeon [in Night Theater] will use the darkest tricks, and knowledge he can’t unlearn, in order to save [the dead].

The Week

The Week lists Night Theater as the first of “19 books to read in 2020.” Jeva Lange writes, “Having been compared to his idol Jorge Luis Borges in the past, there seems no better author than Paralkar to tackle the conundrum of limbo, and all the gory wonder it might entail.”

15 Small Press Books To Kick Off Your 2020 Reading Season.” Wendy J. Fox writes, Night Theater “braids philosophy, magical realism, and the complicated facts of health care in the modern age into a compact and compelling story.”

Biblio Happy Hour Interview

Listen to Vikram Paralkar discuss Night Theater on Biblio Happy Hour, a Bibliofinder podcast.

Book Riot

“I love books that are written by professionals who have an established career in a completely different field who are able to write fantastic works of fiction that is informed by that experience,” says, Vanessa Diaz, associate editor at Book Riot, in her YouTube vlog

Electric Literature

“Startling, and very precise prose,” writes J.R. Ramakrishnan about Night Theater in her interview with Vikram Paralkar for Electric Literature.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Ellen Gray, for the Philadelphia Inquirer, asked Paralkar about “balancing medicine and writing, about growing up in Mumbai above his family’s hospital, and about his own views on the afterlife.”

Write Now Philly

Vikram Paralkar discusses operating on the unknown and other diseases in his two books Night Theater and The Afflictions with Scott Stein of Write Now Philly.

Penn Today

“Tales of bringing the dead back to life Medicine meets magical realism in Night Theater, a novel by Vikram Paralkar, an oncologist and researcher at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.” Read interview by D. Patel.

Leslie A. Lindsay Interview

“Sharp, stunning, and surreal story of an isolated physician on the outskirts of town in which he must bring life back to the dead; morals and medicine and miracles in Vikram Paralkar’s  Night Theater,” says Leslie A. Lindsay in the following interview.


“10 Upcoming Books You Should Add To Your 2020 Reading List.” Vikram Paralkar’s  Night Theater,” “will be a great addition to your reading list.” ~ Unwritten

Interview: The Rumpus

Interview by Sarah Blake: “How we write the dead: a conversation with Vikram Paralkar,” for The Rumpus. Blake writes, “Night Theater remains one of my favorite reads of recent years.”

Ink and Paper

“Lots of reasons to recommend this book,” says Russell at Ink and Paper about about Vikram Paralkar’s Night Theater.